All are Welcome!

Nourishing Hands Massage is All Inclusive

Everyone Is Welcome Here!

I feel that now is the perfect time to make the point out that Nourishing Hands Therapeutic Massage is an all-welcoming, judgement free zone. I treat every single body with courtesy and respect, and I welcome diversity in all its many faceted types.

If you have any specific concerns about your session with me, or don’t know what to expect, just call in or drop me a message and I’ll be happy to talk you through anything that’s concerning you. Some people may have had bad experiences with massage before, from feeling judged for being different, being body shamed,or just feeling uncomfortable removing their clothes (or the pressure to remove more of their clothes than they feel comfortable with). I totally understand that you might feel a bit awkward – not everyone is confident in their body and that applies to people of all types of people.

My goal is to provide a warm, comfortable and welcoming environment for ALL of my clients, so that I can help you relax and enjoy the benefits of a customized therapeutic massage. If there’s anything you may feel uncomfortable about, please just let me know beforehand.

I believe that well-being should be accessible to everybody! If you have a medical condition or specific disability that you may think rules you out of having a session with me, let me know! I will work with you to make sure that proper accomodations can be made, and that you have the best session possible.

Valentine’s Day is fast upon us, and we all want to find the perfect gift for that special person in our lives. Giving the gift of a relaxing Therapeutic Massage, or being pampered together during a Couples Massage Session is a wonderful way to show how much you care!

Please contact me for more information ! 410-570-7458

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Peace - Love - Harmony


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